Completed Works:

  • Playing with Fire (Criminal Elements, Book 1)
    Renee Devereaux and Stone Anders aren’t your average criminals. They also have the Talent–the ability to use magic. And when the wrong move could be your last, they must put their criminal and supernatural skills to the test to get out alive.
  • Fly by Night (Criminal Elements, Book 2)
    Rook is a hacker with a problem–several problems, in fact. His abilities are malfunctioning, and he has a price on his head. Can he solve his troubles before the contract on his life renders the question moot?
  • Shifting Identities (Criminal Elements, Book 3)
    Carlos McConnell has been drafted into the criminal life, and Grace Evanson is trying to help him get his bearings. When they find themselves on the receiving end of blackmail, they find themselves playing a high stakes game that leads to greater danger than they expected.

Works in Progress

  • Unnamed gunpowder fantasy series